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Planning, Facility Inspections and Monitoring
Programme management, reports, protocols and SOPs
Planning for Outsourcing
With over 20 years experience in Drug Development, Resolution can help with all aspects of planning individual studies or entire programmes.  You may need help to find the right Laboratory, guidance on prices and schedules or advice on Study Design.  Whatever your requirement, Resolution is ready to work with you from the earliest stages of your project to ensure that it gets off to the best possible start.  Click for more information on Planning Services
Facility Inspections & Technical Audits
Compliance with the latest Regulatory Guidelines is essential for the successful conduct of your studies.  Whether you have been working with the same service provider for years or are about to embark upon a study with a new provider, an independent assessment of a laboratory’s Competence and Quality is essential from time to time to ensure that the necessary standards are being achieved.  Resolution can conduct these assessments on your behalf.  Click for more information on Facility Inspections & Technical Audits
Analytical Data Review
With extensive experience of auditing and reviewing of analytical data, Resolution is the ideal choice when you require a scientific review of analytical data.  This goes beyond an assessment of compliance with GLP systems to include expert consideration of the quality of the analytical data itself.  Click for more information on Analytical Data Review
Study Monitoring & Programme Management
Monitoring individual studies or series of related studies is a pivotal service supplied by Resolution to ensure that projects run on time and that any problems are identified and addressed as early as possible.  Monitoring may involve visits to facilities to review raw data and laboratory procedures or review of data summaries and reports by e-mail.  Taking this to the next level, in addition to simplifying and managing the interaction between you and your CRO through the range of specific services detailed within this Website, we can link these skills together and work with your organisation and/or other consultants to manage entire programmes on your behalf.  Click for more information on Study Monitoring & Programme Management Services
Writing & Reviewing Reports, Protocols and SOPs
Resolution can help with writing and/or reviewing any documentation involved with your programme.  This may include study reports, the collation of data summaries, protocols, SOPs or scientific papers.  Click for more information on Writing & Reviewing Reports, Protocols and SOPs
Analytical Methodology
Organisations may have trouble establishing and transferring existing methods in their laboratories or be limited regarding method development capabilities.  Resolution has the experience to help avoid or quickly resolve problems that occur during method transfer or development, thus increasing the efficiency of these processes and allowing earlier progression to the analysis of samples.  Click for more information on Analytical Methodology Services
Training Courses
With extensive experience of the conduct and management of studies for international drug registration, Resolution has an invaluable insight into all aspects of analysis and can offer training in a diverse range of analytically orientated topics.  Click for more information on Training Courses


Resolution is based in Edinburgh, UK
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