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Analytical Methodology
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Methods fit for a purpose
Analytical Methodology
Financial Savings
Resolution has over 20 years experience of analytical method development (sample clean-up, chromatography and detection systems), of transferring methods from other laboratories, establishing methods from literature and validation to satisfy regulatory requirements.  Whether you are working with MS, HPLC, GC, immunoassay or automated methods, this expertise is available to you to help ensure that these critical processes are completed as efficiently as possible every time they are required.
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Key Benefits
Guarantees that methods are "fit for purpose"
Shortened method transfer/development/validation time
Ensures methods are available on time
Financial savings

The experience available means that Resolution is able to help with any methodological problems from transfer of existing methods from one lab to another, troubleshooting methods that worked but are now failing, developing new methods and recommending the best strategies for method validation.

Method transfer

It is often the case that a seemingly robust method running in your Laboratory or at one CRO fails to be readily transferred to another.  This can often be for the simplest of reasons.  Resolution has over 25 years experience of performing and managing method transfers and can work with you and the selected CRO to make this as efficient as possible.  In difficult or urgent cases, a visit to your laboratories to review and study the methods in action can be arranged, followed by a visit to the selected analytical laboratory to ensure the smooth transfer of the method. Resolution is an experienced and objective 3rd party, able to anticipate and identify likely problems and manage this critical activity on your behalf.


Whether you are having problems transferring a method to a CRO, have concerns that the batch failure rate is too high, or have noticed that a previously robust method is starting to fail, Resolution has the experience to troubleshoot your methods and provide solutions. This can be done by discussion or laboratory visits as required.

Method Development
If you need a new, more sensitive method for an existing compound or a novel assay for a newly developed compound, Resolution can work with you, your chemists or your CRO to optimise method development with the objective of developing the most suitable method for your purposes in the minimum amount of time.

Method Validation
Resolution keeps abreast of current regulatory expectations and can provide guidance on the best validation strategy to support methodology destined for use on pre-clinical and clinical programmes.

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Method development
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