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providing expertise and guidance on prices planning and schedules
Planning for Outsourcing
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Outsourcing Analytical Programmes to Contract Research Organisations (CROs), whether due to internal limitations in staff, equipment or experience, is the answer for many companies.  However not all CROs are the same and selecting the right CRO requires consideration of many factors including Quality, experience, price and location. If your organisation is limited in the skills, time and/or resources that can be devoted to this activity, Resolution has the knowledge and experience to help identify the best solution to your needs.

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Key Benefits
• Awareness of CRO competencies and capabilities
Identify the CRO best suited for the job
Save time, money and effort
Ensure confidence

has real insight into the requirements of different study types and the strengths of different CROs and so can help you with all aspects of the selection process including:

Providing expertise and guidance on prices, planning and schedules.

If you are new to sub-contracting you may be unsure of how much to pay, how to plan your studies and how long different aspects may take.  Alternatively, you may already have received proposals from apparently comparable organisations that differ greatly in their estimates of cost and timings.  You may need to establish that proper attention has been given to integrating the analytical timelines into the rest of the programme, or need help in understanding what this involves. Resolution can help with guidance on all of these topics or can assess information you may have already obtained.

Study design.

If you are uncertain of the most suitable study design, or have concerns that a proposed design contains unnecessary aspects or even omissions, Resolution can give honest, independent appraisals of proposals based on a thorough awareness of Regulatory expectations.  Alternatively we can provide details of study specific requirements and recommend the best, most effective designs to meet your objectives. 

Finding the right CRO
Identifying potential laboratories for your programme can be a time consuming process, even without the efforts needed to explain your requirements, establish capabilities, solicit prices and discuss schedules with each possible vendor.  Resolution is familiar with the capabilities of Analytical Laboratories throughout the world and so can quickly source the the most suitable laboratory for your requirements.  Whether you are looking for prices and schedules, a laboratory running a particular drug assay or the availability of a particular Biomarker determination, we can find the right laboratory for you. 

A discussion to identify your requirements, expectations and priorities is all that is required to initiate this process on your behalf. Once the results are available, these will be collated and delivered to you to allow discussion on the relative merits of the different proposals obtained and to advise you on the best strategy. 

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Finding the right CRO